Thursday, 31 March 2016

Boxes ~ A Crafty Individuals Challenge

I know, I just don't do challenges normally and I certainly don't do boxes! My cards are clean and simple and under 20g for posting. If you visit the C.I blog here
Lift the 'lid' and the message pulls up - cool!
You will see why I don't particularly enter their challenges, all the entries are SUPERB, high quality and very arty. Not me at all, I just don't have what it takes to make such wonderful creations. So here am I, up to the wire, having created a mess box type card. Woman are allowed to say one thing and do another, it's part of our genetics, or hormones....

Nope, definitely due to a lack of chocolate....! All images are by Crafty Individual and all are smothered with shimmery wink of stella, except at 4.45pm on a windy day not only does the shimmer disappear but my card nearly did.....! C'est la vie, it took me ALL DAY to get this made, you don't want to know how full my bin is.... but I did it! I made something outside of my comfort zone! I may even have learned one or to things, perhaps. Now, where's some chocolate....anyone? Pleeeze?.......

YOU MUST READ! ...please!
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  1. Anne your box is brilliant, original and well thought out. Please don't think the rest of us make our creations in an hour or so as I certainly don't. Sometimes they are born over a week or more --- a tweek here and a complete remake there. The finished article is what you are happy with and have enjoyed making, that is all that matters ---- and if you've learned something along the way -- hey - that's all well and good. So don't feel down, you've completed a lovely card that you should be proud of, well done xx

  2. This boxed card is adorable Anne, and thank you hugely for joining in our challenge this month, it is much appreciated. I particularly love the way the card pops up and how beautifully the robin and bunny have been coloured around the sides. Well done you! Jean x

  3. I love your box and bravo for getting out of your conform zone, you did well. I love the animals and your coloring is getting better all the time. Chocolate ? you said chocolate ? did Daniel not share his easter chocolate with you ? :-) I love chocolate too so understand your cravings. I am not sure if I have any CI stamps but will check my stash and join in one day as well.

    big big hugs, Joanne

  4. Fabulous project Anne. Great design. Love your interpretation of the challenge. Very clever with the little pull up message. The robin and the rabbit just sit perfectly together. I would never have thought you were out of your comfort zone at all. I hope you got some well deserved chocolate :) Thank you for joining in the Crafty Individuals Challenge.
    Flo x

  5. Awesome card, Anne, no idea why you connect it as a mess, and if lack of chocolate causes the inspiration of such creations maybe I need a chockie ban ;)
    Well done or in a word, bravo!!! Shaz in Oz.x
    ps love the bunny featured. Read Particks excellent and velly intelesting article but will have to wait till on laptop to "like " it, as have turned it off the app access button which has to be turned on a mobile device. Don't like FB sticking it's nose in my info.
    You don't need it turned on for website on computer curiously.

  6. Great idea. Very pretty card!

  7. It's a very beautiful boxed card Anne! I love the stamps you used. Great work.
    Thank you for joining in Crafty Individuals challenge this month.

  8. Oooh Anne, thank you so much for joining in just in time with this adorable box!!!
    This is simply brilliant to have imagined and created a card like a box!! :o) (I would never have thought to that myself teehee) You're so clever, even without a lot of stuff you are able to do gorgeous things, much more "arty" than you think... this is the best proof! :D
    So happy to see your entry, sincerely thrilled to bits...
    Love love your "box"... And the card inside is just the icing on the cake!!! :)
    Big hugs to you, gros bisous et MERCI!

  9. This is such a clever interpretation of the challenge.
    A beautifully designed entry to the challenge and so sweet with the message tucked inside.
    It is always lovely to have new stamp artists join the Crafty Individuals challenge, now you have taken this first step, maybe you will join us when the next challenge rolls around.
    Good Luck Wishes

  10. When I have seen the first photo I thought that there was anything a bit strange in this box... Ummm... But then I have seen the second one photo :D :D and I thought that you are a genius! :) Wow!! Such a creative interpretation of a box! And so lovely!! A sweet, colourful, fabulous faux 3D project! Love the message that pull out with the opened lidl, too!