Monday, 30 May 2016


I cannot believe that my baby is going to be 10 years old on Sunday!  He is very much into the new, (2015), Thunderbirds. Every morning I hear of a rescue, the countdown, '5-4-3-2-1  Thunderbirds are go!',  and the inevitable 'International Rescue, we're on our way'  -' F.A.B!'  So we are planning a Thunderbirds themed Birthday. We have a TB tablecloth,banner, balloons, his cake will be decorated with FAB 1, and two of the TB figures, (Scott and Virgil), and not to mention that my Aunt and Uncle have bought him the TB Tracy Island set......  I made him a Thunderbirds card, easy to do but it took some time to find a picture, edit it, and make a TB themed insert and envelope as well as a bookmark! Apologies about the picture, the scanner nipped off the edge, it is evenly matted on a picture of Tracy Island....promise!He will be going on his own adventure too with his school. The following day he will be gone for three days studying river life. That means three days of no Thunderbirds for us....!!!!

Not that it will be quiet here, Mme Merle has 4 little ones now, three hatched on Saturday and the other yesterday, on Mothers Day.....they haven't stopped chirping for food since.....!

Have a lovely week!


Saturday, 14 May 2016

Un Merle Noir

She has made a nest in our honeysuckle right by our front door. Our lives are becoming dominated by our wish  not to disturb her as she lays her pretty blue eggs, of which there are three ... so far. So is a female blackbird 'une Merle Noire' and do French blackbirds eat their escargots with garlic butter?

I have not been able to make cards for a while, life has it's tests and trials but when I do get a chance to play, I promise I will share at least one of my ink splats! Our garden is coming along nicely, well, the weeds and grass are growing the fastest but there are promises bursting throughout.

On a final say about God's wonderful creation, two of our over-wintered swallowtail butterflies hatched a couple of weeks ago! Seeing these amazing creatures form into a chrysalis and then gently break out as a butterfly; watching them pump up their wings, dry them off and zip up their proboscis then fly away is still breath taking, no matter how often I see it. 

We have a long weekend here in France and my friend is visiting from England on Monday! I have taken Thursday off and we are going to have a girls day out .. YAY!
Enjoy your weekend, whatever you are doing!