Sunday, 26 June 2016

Bee Magnetism......

This is another little doodle-scribbling for my 'I don't blog' blog.... 'bee magnetism' actually meaning a revamped magnetic calender and photos of a bee in our garden.Thrilling huh? I bet you can't wait!!!!
old calender
revamped version
I need something in my kitchen, (okay we only have one room downstairs which is a kitchen/dining area/living area in one, so technically it's in my kitchen area), on which I can place those bits of information that need to be at hand. You know what I mean, son wants to know what's on at the library, hubby needs the opening times of the decheterie and mother needs to be reminded of a scripture verse about peace, calm and that God IS in control.......  Our son has outgrown his first calender and progressed to a more chic and styalised memo/calender board which is now in his bedroom. Instead of ditching his old calender, I revamped it with things I already have, no purchase necessary BUT it is only a temporary measure. I don't have any paints, gel mediums, etc otherwise I would have painted the frame, taken out the webbing and replaced it along with the hanging cord. I would have layered a stronger magnetic film within the frames before covering them with paper protected by some wipable or harder wearing type of varnish....ideally.
What I actually did was to grab an old Stazon ink pad in dark green, stamp a border and swipe ink over the frame to give it a 'shabby' look. I scanned two sheets of patterned paper, the only two of these designs I have, mirror imaging one copy of each. I peeled off the calender image on the old board and using double sided tape, simply adhered the paper to the board. This will be easier to remove in the future plus of course I can't use glue because it will buckle copier paper..... I glued a piece of semi-transparent gold ribbon over the webbing on the hinges, which were originally bright blue, and wrapped coloured cord over the original blue hanging cord, securing it with sellotape at the back and a little glue along one edge to keep it in place. A few hand decorated magnets and voila! A cheap, makeshift, will-do-for-now magnetic board.
Finally some photos of the beautiful and noisy carpenter bee/ abeille charpentiere, (Xylocpa violacea), on our sweet williams. Total length around 25-30mm, the males have no sting and although the females can sting, they are fairly docile.....just loud! These bees are busy and hardly stay still, so photographing them, especially with an old point and shoot camera, is difficult. However, our little camera has faithfully done the biz and you can see how the wings reflect an irridescent violet at the right angle. Beautiful!
Thank you as ever for taking a peek at my ramblings, have a wonderful and blessed week!


Monday, 13 June 2016

Mme Merle Noir

Mme Merle's family have finally flown the nest. I thought you might like to see a couple of more photos showing the fledglings at a week old and then fully fledged at two weeks. Mum will go on feeding them for another 3 weeks.

 M.Merle was nowhere to be found, so we do not know if he was just a lazy father or if something happened to him. Nevertheless, Mme Merle did a wonderful job in raising her four little ones. God's creation is just amazing!

Enjoy your week!