Thursday, 22 September 2016


I adore Crafty Individual stamps, they, unlike me, are so artsy!   I love to look at their design team creations and drool over their inspiration and talent. I was thus delighted to discover that this month's challenge is CAS, meaning clean and simple! Well I think most of us know what it stands for but what does it actually mean? I looked it up on various sites and blogs and the concensus seems to include the following rules:
  • Lots of 'white space' ..meaning unused areas
  • maximum of one layer
  • None or very few embellishments
  • Simple techniques
  • minimal use of colour.
Now these rules are not set in stone but they helped me to make a CAS card. Well it took several attempts because I was obviously using the wrong stuff and couldn't get my ink to spread, then trying to scan and take a photo of it just proved frustrating beyond belief! It is lacking in spit and polish but owing to a streaming cold and other personal circumstances I ask that you just look at the technique rather than the result! Could be better as my teachers used to say......
If you have watercolour paper, this technique will work much better.
Dampen your paper and ink up your stamp with 2-3 colours of distress ink. Stamp out your image, spritz with a little water and watch the colours spread out. Leave to dry.
Ink the same image with black ink, (I used memento), and stamp over the top of your coloured image. Voila!
Son is off school with a cold today, he kept me on my toes throughout the night, pained look on his face, I'm dying mentality, sound familiar? ....see 'man with a cold syndrome' is genetic and it starts at an early age. Pity messages and chocolate can be sent to me anytime......  
Enjoy the rest of your week!