Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Christmas Koala!

My first attempt at making a shaker card, I have learned a lot from it! I hadn't planned on making a shaker card which was my first mistake. I lacked the correct materials and had to make do. This digital image was a bit 'boozy' looking, ( i.e.drinking too much alcohol), so I erased the eyes and re-drew them with something more appropriate for a koala's first time in the snow. This is for our son's Christmas card after all! The beautiful blue background paper has dimensional snowflakes on it which I highlighted with glitter. I then painted in some foreground and added glitter glue but that buckled the paper. That was my second mistake because this slight buckling inhibits the free movement of the shaker elements. I didn't have proper shaker elements, just some cheap sequins which do look cheap. If you can afford the better quality craft ones, go for them. I added some  pearlescent paper snowflakes, but they don't move very well. As I said, I have learned from this experience! Will our son be critical of my poor attempt? No, he is a truly grateful young chap who will love this fun image! This digitalstamps can be found here: http://www.qkrstampede.com/products.php?cat=digi-stamps%20koalas

Conclusion: Shaker cards are great but you need to practice making them and have the correct materials to pull them off successfully. I don't normally make them because they are expensive to post but I really do like them, they are fun! The question is, do I invest in purchasing the materials to make these cards and try to budget some more for postage?  I am sorely tempted..... watch this space! If you would like to see some gorgeous, properly made, shaker cards; then hop over to see Shaz's blog here: https://calligraphycards-shazinoz.blogspot.fr/2016/12/shaker-card-using-nellie-snellen.html
Thanks for taking the time to read my meanderings! Have a lovely day,whatever you are doing!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Odds and Ends and new stamps for the wishlist...

One of Crafty Individuals new releases!
I have not had a creative year. Not in the inky sort of way. It hasn't been an easy year but from such things we can learn and be strengthened in our faith. Is it too late to start thinking about what a new year can bring? Of course it is, we haven't finished this year and anyway, January 1st is simply another day. It's the 1st December, which brings excitement to the house when you have a child around, (or two if you include hubby), because advent calendars get opened and Christmas is on the way! WHAT! Already? Am I the only one who still has some Christmas cards to make? Please say no!  I need, (okay want!), some of the gorgeous new Christmas themed stamps just released by Crafty Individuals which you can lust over here:  http://craftyindividualsblog.blogspot.fr/2016/11/new-stuff-plus-giveaway.html If you are lucky, you can win the whole set too! How generous of Jean and Malcolm. My lovely friend Coco has made some amazing samples using these new releases, you can see them here: http://scrapcocofolies.canalblog.com/archives/2016/11/27/34617667.html and be inspired by a very talented artist.

I love the way the desgn team uses their C.I. stamps and I would love to try their techniques but I lack the confidence and know how. I wonder if, when I have caught up, I might have some play time, try out techniques, search on the internet and simply have fun! Wouldn't that be great! I stick to CAS type cards because they are lightweight but a friend told me recently that she doesn't really like the CAS style much, so maybe I ought to venture out...... one inky stamp at a time...
For now I have two cards to share with you. One is a photograph which I took during the school summer holiday. By using a programme on the computer, (which sadly is no longer available) I managed to alter it to a watercolour effect and finished it off using coloured pencils and chalk. Ch√Ęteau de la Hunaudaye is not far from us and offers a relaxing time out and stunning photo opportunities.

 My second card is rather tame, again, but it is for a friend who has just become a grandmum for the first time! I love this stamp which is stamped on  smooth silk card from Crafty Individuals.I lightly coloured with pencils and mounted on layers discovered  in my sandwich bag of bits and bobs!
  Scans aren't the best way to showcase cards but the light levels are now too low to use photography without the proper lights and reflectors.
It is very cold now, a heavy frost patterned the ground and windows this morning and after scrapping off the windscreen the white glistening frost lay like snow ready to be crunched on by our son. Little things bring much pleasure.... and very blue fingers - brrr!

There, I have managed to write a blog post, which may, or may not, be my last one of the year. After all, this is a non-blogging blog you know!
Whatever you are doing, have fun, stay well and be safe may your Christmas be blessed,  and full of joy and happy memories! Know that Jesus really is the reason for this season. Thank you for visiting!