Wednesday, 25 January 2017


Bonjour! I am joining in WOYWW, (What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday) over at the Stamping Ground! This is a weekly post hosted by Julia to showcase what you are currently crafting on your workdesk.
I use a small desk, (it only cost €10 new!) covered in bubbles - yes it is my hubby's choice. The desk top was originally covered in woodgrain paper, (hence the price), so I asked hubby if he would choose a roll of self-adhesive vinyl, (sticky back plastic to us former Blue Peter fans), - and now I live with the consequences.....  I don't craft often, making around 80 or so cards a year and I like to clear my table top up after every use, which makes me a rotten candidate for WOYWW!  I have been trying to make a couple of cards for a few days but life, and son with a cold, just got in the way. The best laid plans and all that stuff! ๐Ÿ˜‰ When I want to use a different shape of card I make a template out of scrap card first. Here I am trying out different sizes of 'book' cards to fit my image.Yeah I know I should choose an image to fit my book template and not vice-versa but a lack of chocolate does things to a gal, you know? I'll post a picture of my card when I do get it made..... it WILL work out....
How about an update on my homemade Ikea frame 'misti'? Have you just heard about Ranger's new stamping tool? Boy it is well designed! My Ikea hack and CD case work just dandy for me, BUT I had a problem. My magnetic sheet just wasn't working. The magnets didn't really want to know, they were just interested in swimming all over the page. I guess I got short-changed with wonky polarities or some such. Hubby told me to buy new magnetic sheets, I didn't want to run the risk of wasting money on something that may not work again. Then whilst in SuperU, we found a really cheap magnetic board. Once home we removed the thin metal sheet and cut it to size. Enough for two A4 frames, 3 CD disc cases and two strips to make mini magnetic reminder boards!  Jennifer McGuire recommends using a bar magnet instead of two smaller magnets and laminated grid sheets for the base. I like both those ideas! My homemade 'misti's work really well now. Here is a photo of my CD case tool. Ideal for sentiment and small stamps. Take out the tabs, cut out the raised end of the case base, (I sellotaped the edge to avoid any sharp parts), place some fun foam as a pad and if you desire, a magnetic sheet/metal sheet with a magnet. Otherwise just use poster tape or line your card up to the edge to ensure perfect alignment. Simples!
I am looking forward to hopping over to a few blogs and not feeling guilty that the housework hasn't been done....after all, I have just come down with my son's cold....c'est la vie!
Enjoy your WOYWW viewing and thanks for taking a peek at my non-blogging blog ๐Ÿ˜€
I just want to add my friend's link to her blog, Les Folies de Coco. She has an exhibition of her work on at her local library PLUS she has just got published in Stampers Sampler Magazine! Way out Coco! You rock mon amie!
God bless you all, enjoy your day!


  1. I quite like the bubble back ground of your desk.
    My friend made her own Misti as well. Well done for getting yours made .
    Happy woyww Jill #4

  2. personally I love your bubbles sticky back plastic!! hope the cold gets better soon. Helen #1

  3. just came back cos I saw your comment - what a small world indeed!! I've lived here for - golly, 30 odd years now (how scary is that!!)

  4. Hi Neighbor!. I keep a small bottle of bubble stuff handy at all times. Never know when you might need to blow some bubbles! thanks for the sneak around!
    robyn 8

  5. Morning Anne. Like everyone else - I just love those bubbles! My desk is just plain white Ikea's best - when it is clear enough for me to see it, that is!!! What a lovely image you have stamped. Hope it all works out for you!
    Thanks for your visit and comments. I am very fortunate to use a lovely large upstairs landing as my space - so yes, it is rather big!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  6. Hullo dear friend... when saw Anne in France pop up there on Julia's post I thought just how many Anne in France's are there who blog and know about WOYWW!! Ah love your desk too am rather partial to bubbles ...

    ...and well done on working your way through the trials of homemade Misti's .. both you and son get over your colds soon, now..

    Great wee coloured image to left of first pickie, too!
    A warm Aussie Welcome!!!
    Happy WOYWW #399!
    Shaz in Oz.x #15

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  7. Hi Anne, and welcome aboard! Love your homemade Misti- great hack there. I am always having to alter card base sizes to fit my image, so you are not alone in that. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 XxX

  8. Fab desk.

    Thanks for the visit to mine earlier - as to the Katzelkraft images .. got mine here ..

    Hope that's helpful

    Happy WOYWW


  9. I like the bubbles on your desk. They make me smile. Can always do with a smile. Good job on making the tool yourself - crafty in itself.

    Thanks for sharing your desk with us

    Sharon K #35

  10. I've just spent some time with a tutor at CHA whose nickname is 'Bubbles' so your post made me smile when I read about your desk. Could not have chosen a better design, hope it inspires you.
    Well done on the Misti - now if Ikea still have some of those frames .....
    Hugs and thanks for visiting me
    Neet 2 xx

  11. Bonjour, Ca vas? I'm amazed you don't get google eyed with those bubbles! I'm sure you card will work out beautifully Dx #39

  12. Pretty card but I'm afraid I lost the plot on the "misti" whatever that is? Assuming stamping as I don't stamp really. LOL Thanks for the visit BJ#28

  13. What a fab idea! I love that you made your own version. I've had my eye on one for ages but I might just have a go at making one too! Happy WOYWW! Sez x #24

  14. I like your introduction to your blog ... guilt free & blog when the mood takes you (Yes!). I think I would like the bubble background on my desk - it's what happens in my mind as creative ideas bubble up all the time. I really like your birdbath of flowers stamps - now that is one I would like to try. ... Mary-Lou #33

  15. Your cards are gorgeous! Welcome to WOYWW! I've been a way for a few weeks, but love your whole description of your desk. Happy Wednesday. Sandy Leigh #45

  16. I think your bubble table is sweet. and will remind you of your hubby! I have been looking at the Misti, not knowing whether to just buy one, or to make one. A CD case seems rather small to me. But I will continue to research! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #48

  17. Hi Anne, What a fab use of the magnetic board.

    Love the bubbles on your table.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #18

  18. Thanks for visiting me earlier.
    I rather like the bubbles on your desk and had a chuckle at the mention of Blue Peter ๐Ÿ˜€
    Hope you have a great week.
    Annie x #13

  19. I'm not familiar with the misti but it sounds as if you have done a good job making your own! Sorry to hear you've got a cold and I hope it clears up quickly. Thank you for your lovely comment - you are so kind! So glad you liked this week's efforts. I drew the mandala on my iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil and an app called PaintStorm - it has a symmetry tool which mirrors one's drawing as many tmes as you set it to - you still have to draw each section, though. I coloured it using another app called Procreate which is my favourite art app on the iPad. Like you, I adore custard tarts - my hubby can't have sugar so they are out for him, so I have to eat them myself (oh, the hardship!!) and share them with others too! Wish you could join me for tea! I love your little picture of the pretty teacups and macaroons on your blog - right up my street! If you've got an email box on your blog I'll contact you with the pavlova recipe, otherwise, please contact me via mine.

    Happy WOYWW and God bless.
    Shoshi #31

  20. Oh, I like that flower stamp on your cards - it's lovely. (And I think the bubble paper is so FUN!) How smart of you to create your own stamping "misti"!!

  21. Thanks for sharing your great WOYWW and visiting my blog xx Jan (33)

  22. Hi Anne, thanks for the tips o=about your DIY Misti - I 've been considering a similar thing, and playing with a few ideas. The CD case is a genius idea!! :o) Annie C #11

  23. The Misti is a great piece of kit, but quite expensive. I said I didn't it until I worked with one and realised the advantages that you just can't do any other way so well done for making your own. Have a great woyww, Angela x 19

  24. What a great idea on your homemade MISTI. I love it! I just may need to try it. I have a MIsti but I need a smaller one for easy packing. You have inspired me. LOL. Dorlene #49

  25. I bought a Misti look a like just recently. It's called Stampmaster and is exactly the same as the Misti, at a fraction of the cost :)
    Thanks for dropping by too.

  26. Good to see all the instructions for the homemade misty. very clever. I like the bubble table.
    sandra de @22

  27. Good morning, Anne. Thanks for the stop-in this week. No snow here either. The closest I'm getting is what I stamp. Love the bubble contact paper. And like you, I try to clean up after every project. I can not work in a mess. Creative Blessings! Kelly #42

  28. Just been to your French friend's blog (you gave me the url) and can see why you like her work. Beautiful and congratulations to her on being published.
    Hugs, Neet x

  29. Oh, what a GREAT blog post for a non-blogging girl hahahaha!!!!! :D
    You will never cease to amaze me Anne, and make me smile with your humour... Thanks for being you. So clever, so kind, so fun, so lovely.
    I love your table and what looks like a little book card shape onto it! Tes fleurs sont trรจs jolies aussi !!!
    Et merci de ton petit mot ร  la fin, j'en rougis de plaisir. :-)
    Your homemade misti is also fantastic. I must keep this in mind for my classes..
    Gros bisous, bon week-end! (and go on my blog when you can tee-hee)